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State of the Art Monitoring

Nothing but the best. Our three, state of the art, command centers located in Pennsylvania, Texas, and California, help protect hundreds of thousands of Customers, which allows us to provide excellence to each of our Customers with redundancy to help prevent bad things happening to good people… 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

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Full Security

Protecting your business is important. You built it, let us help protect it from the threat of Fire, Burglary, and Medical Emergencies.

Business Management

Need to know when your business is opened? Want to see what your employees are doing from anywhere in the world? All of our smart systems have these features.

Energy Savings

Business owners always want to save money…Our Smart Systems allow our Customers to save up to 50% per month off their utilities.

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Your home is your safe place, by answering a few simple questions and taking just a couple of minutes, our Account Managers are able to protect your home and there is system configurations for any budget. You can even start with an entry level system and let the system grow with you and your family overtime.

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